Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is your program different from other treatment facilities that serve Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients?

M Health will be offering 30 hours of group therapy weekly with interpreters provided. This is more support services that most other hearing programs would offer. The program is located at the M Health – Fairview, a hospital complex allowing for access to doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists when clinically necessary.

2. What treatment philosophy do you follow?

The program is based on the Minnesota Model, a 12 Step philosophy but incorporates other models and approaches to meet the needs of the client. Clients attend interpreted Twelve Step meetings. Generally clients complete individualized projects while in treatment. The Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deafblind patients will have access to DVDs in ASL, a videophone and computer.

3. When treatment is completed, what’s next?
Aftercare referrals are recommended which typically include sober housing, outpatient treatment, the ongoing support of a sponsor, and interpreted AA or other Twelve Step meetings.

4. Does the program incorporate modified materials into the treatment of the patients?

Various manuals, videotapes, DVDs, work books and guides will be provided to be used with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Deafblind patients. The videos/DVDs are signed, voiced and open captioned. Step work and various projects are often modified to meet the individual learning capacity of the client. The program will have contact information for Deaf and Hard of Hearing professionals in the Community who can present on educational topics such as health and safety.

5. What modes of communication are used with clients?

Interpreters will be available for all groups, workshops, individual therapy, assessments, nursing admissions and appointments. Assistive listening devices are also available for client use. Hard-of-Hearing individuals without sign language are assessed for appropriate placement.

6. What is the average length of stay?

Typically, the average length of stay in the Lodging Plus Program is 28 days, seven days a week.

Graduates of the program can continue in outpatient treatment in San Diego or in Atlanta (men only)

7. Do you accept clients from outside of Minnesota?

Yes. Clients from 46 states and 5 provinces have been treated at our program.

8. What funding sources do you accept?

Various funding sources are accepted. We can accept private insurance, consolidated funds, OHIP, VR funds, and self-pay. Hearing staff members are available to discuss funding concerns and to assist in identifying funding sources.

Unfortunately the program cannot openly accept Medicaid. Under certain circumstances, with a single case agreement, the client’s state may agree to pay for treatment. The client and family are encouraged to contact Medicaid directly to discuss funding.

M Health has been nationally recognized as a pioneer in chemical dependency treatment.

For admission into our Program or for more information, please contact the common entry point

1-800-468-3120 –V
Or call Outpatient Intake directly at :
612-672-6572 Fax