Stepping Up: Training Materials for Substance Abuse Counselors

Stepping Up Training Videos

Stepping up discusses a variety of issues when working with deaf clients at different stages of treatment.  The DVD can be used in conjunction with a variety of strategies and tools.   The DVD focuses on approaches to use when working with Deaf individuals who may be seeking treatment for substance use disorders.  The DVD includes three scenarios with two counselors who are able to communicate directly using American Sign Language (A.S.L.) and one other counselor who is using an interpreter when working with a client.

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Stepping Up Videos

Introduction: This segment features a narrator who describes information about language and culture to consider and three treatment approaches.

Scene One: Deaf counselor (Jan) meeting a client (Kim) for the first time. Focus: This session includes how a counselor may assess client status by gathering information related to their chemical use, social history and other clinical information.

Scene Two : Shows a hearing counselor (Lynn) who is proficient in sign language, working with a client (Jeff) on part of a Step One assignment.

Scene Three: Shows a hearing counselor (Liz) who utilizes an interpreter for her work with a client (Theo) focusing on aftercare issues. Focus: This session focuses on strategies related to relapse prevention i.e.; understanding triggers, building resources and learning how to live a sober life.