Medicaid Payments

Medicaid Payments


Our program is able to accept a variety of funding sources to pay for a patient’s treatment. Many of our patients have Medicare coverage; that is a federal program that will cover services anywhere in the country. Medicaid is specific to the patient’s home state and may not pay for care in Minnesota. Clients from other states who have Medicaid and not Medicare will need to receive prior approval from their state’s Medicaid office.  

Listed below are some suggestions for you to use when advocating for Medicaid to pay for our treatment center.

 1. Contact your state’s Medicaid office and determine the appropriate office or personnel to speak with regarding this matter. The local Service for Deaf and Hard of Hearing offices may also be a helpful resource when advocating for services.

2. Determine Medicaid’s willingness to pay for Chemical Dependency treatment within your state. In some instances Medicaid is unwilling to pay for any CD treatment.

3. Determine the availability of treatment centers in your state accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. If no such program exists you may discuss with the Medicaid personnel the importance of an accessible treatment center and any ADA issues that may apply.

4. Discuss with the personnel in the Medicaid office the expense of hiring interpreters for treatment. Generally interpreters can cost between $40.00 to $80.00 dollars an hour. It may actually be cheaper to refer a client out of state.

5. It can be helpful to mention particular circumstances surrounding the client’s case. For example: the person was court ordered to treatment, child protection issues, doctors referrals, etc.

6. Keep in mind that a written referral from a physician may be required by Medicaid.

We are happy to offer assistance. Please contact us if you have any questions.