Program Materials

An American Sign Language Interpretation of the Twelve Step Program

This DVD has twelve segments; each segment is signed and deals with one of the twelve steps of A.A. The video can be used with or without the CLINICAL APPROACHES manual. Signed and Open-Captioned, 55 min, DVD, $15.00.

Dreams of Denial

Deaf actors star in this DVD developed by the Minnesota Chemical Dependency Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals. DREAMS of DENIAL covers family issues surrounding substance abuse, relapse, choices, and recovery for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. An accompanying leaders guide provides curriculum in two formats for use with clients or students. This program is recommended for ages 14 and older. Signed and Open-Captioned, 23 min., DVD, $15.00, Leader’s Guide included.


A curriculum developed for educational and treatment settings. The focus of CHOICES is on Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals making appropriate life and recovery choices. This complete educational curriculum included 17 lesson plan sets covering six major areas including decision-making, risk analysis, and goal setting. CHOICES is recommended for ages 14 and older.  88 pp., spiral bound, 81/2″ X 11, paperback, $19.95, limited availability.

Relapse Prevention Guide

A step-by-step manual for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals experiencing relapses in their sobriety. This guide addresses areas of concern such as feelings, key relapse warning signs, grief and losses, and a relapse plan. The RELAPSE PREVENTION GUIDE is designed to be used with ages 14 and older. 58 pp., 8 1/2″ X 11, paperback, $9.95, limited availability.

Clinical Approaches

This manual represents more than five years of work with chemically dependent individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. The goal of CLINICAL APPROACHES is to provide a framework to service providers for offering treatment that is sensitive to the communication and cultural needs of deaf and hard of hearing individuals. This manual also reflects a particular sensitivity to client diversity that includes ethnic backgrounds, education, socialization, cultural identity, family history, and mental health status. CLINICAL APPROACHES is divided into three main sections. Phase I is evaluation. Phase II deals with primary treatment and includes step work, counseling issues, lectures, spirituality groups, family therapy, and other specialty groups.  The final section of this manual deals with extended care and aftercare programming. 176 pp., 8 1/2″ X 11, paperback, $39.95, limited availability.
To order any of these items, print and complete the order form or call the DHOH program at
651-964-1427 (video phone) or 1-800-282-3323 (voice) or 612-273-4461 Fax.