Professionals Available for Trainings

Program History

Since 1989, the Minnesota Chemical Dependency Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals has been providing a full range of assessment and treatment services for deaf and hard of hearing persons. More than 1,000 deaf and hard of hearing persons from throughout the United States and Canada have received help from the Program in their efforts toward recovery from alcohol and other drug problems.

Training Expertise

In 1990, the Program also began to offer training sessions about substance abuse and deafness to community members and professionals. Materials focused on prevention, treatment and recovery were developed by the Program to address the need for materials especially designed for deaf and hard of hearing persons. The Program co-sponsored two national conferences which brought together professionals and community members to share information and network about important topics related to alcohol and other drugs. The Program has been the recipient of several Federal grants including three specifically geared to training. More than 600 people have been trained by Program staff through these sessions. Program staff have trained professionals from a variety of disciplines including vocational rehabilitation, education, counseling, mental health and social work.


The Program continues to apply for grant support, but has been operating without it since 2008.  Fairview Recovery Services continues to house the program and supports it’s mission.  The ability to train has been somewhat limited as staff focus on patient care.  However, staff will continue to provide trainings for the MARRCH conference and refer interested parties to Dr. Deb Guthmann at , 510-794-3684 for additional training opportunities.  Requests for other trainings will be handled on a case to case basis.
Minnesota Chemical Dependency Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals

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