Tobacco Prevention Program Training

Hands Off Tobacco: A School-based Tobacco Control Programming for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth Article

A Teacher’s Guide to Using the Hands Off Tobacco! DVD

Part 1: This video suggests some of the reasons people, both young and old, give for why they smoke.

Part 2: This video focuses on tobacco advertising and the benefits of smoking to tobacco companies.

Part 3: This video shows a few examples of ways young people can respond to the pressure to smoke or use tobacco.

Part 4:  This video talks about the benefits to having good, healthy, positive self-esteem.

Part 5: This video teaches us the importance of being true to yourself and how that can help young people resist pressures to smoke or use other kinds of tobacco.

Part 6:  This video introduces the viewer to six deaf people who have been affected by smoking in some way.